WEDDINGS & PARTIES (6.00 a.m. – 6.00 a.m. the next day)

The fabulous indoor/outdoor setting at Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace makes it a unique venue to host weddings, parties and almost every type of celebration imaginable. Located on a picturesque, elevated plateau in the Central Range which affords beautiful views of the Gulf of Paria and Port of Spain to the west and the Caroni Plain and Northern Range to the north, the Nature Park caters for groups of up to 600 persons.

The Terrace includes a fully-equipped kitchen (fridge, chest freezer, oven and microwave) with lots of shelf space and a double sink.A serving hatch opens directly onto the recently-covered 3,700 square feet concrete Deck to which a bar/store room has been attached as well.  Separate ladies and gents bathrooms, along with a brides/powder room, complete the Terrace which is surrounded by extensive manicured lawns and pastures on three sides. A cool cashew grove, three relaxation sheds and two staff bathrooms is on the other side. Members of our staff are on hand at all times to remove garbage continuously and to assist our visitors. The nearby parking area can accommodate several hundred cars within easy walking distance of the Terrace, cashew grove and the pine field, which is a popular area for wedding ceremonies and photo shoots. It is indeed an idyllic place to host a special, unforgettable party.