Wedding Photos & Photo Shoots

Photoshoots cost $800.00 per hour. The exact times must be booked and payment made at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

A saddled horse and handler can be included in a photoshoot. The cost for this is $350.00 per half hour, in addition to the $800.00 per hour cost.

A horse-drawn white wedding carriage with a handler dressed in formal attire is available at a cost of $1,800.00 per hour

Please note that it is necessary to begin your photo session on time as you will not be permitted to remain in the park beyond your  reserved time. If you think that you may be late, or you may need more time than an hour, we recommend that you pay for two hours in advance. The member of staff who will open the gate for you to enter and will remain with you during your session, is not allowed any discretion whatsoever in this matter. Apologies, but we have learnt through bitter experience! By paying the photoshoot fee, we take it that you have read and understood this. Thank you.

For further details, log on to and then call Brian at 680-4757.

C/o p.o. box 3057, st. James, trinidad, west indies