Akachi Ibeleme, July 2018 :

“Lovely view.  Beautiful nature.  Tall trees.  Nice open space.  Perfect for outdoor weddings”.


Alimah Ali, August 2018 :

“Epic experience for a family day lime”!


Geneve Jackson, November 2018 :

“Lovely scenic natural place.  Beautiful trees and sandy ground.  The facility is also modern.  Great for any family, friends or company outdoor picnics, sports or family day activities.  Nice venue for weddings as well”.


Janique Cotton, January 2019 :

“Great for family/ work/ friend fun day.  Clean Facilities.  Horse and tractor rides were a plus”.


Carla Benjamin-Martin, January 2019 :

“I had a great time with my co-workers and children”.


Shiloh O’Neil, April 2019 :

“Great facilities for an outdoor experience”.


Khelan Graham, May 2019 :

“Breezy, cool and great views.  This venue is a very well kept secret”.


Bernadette Bacchus, May 2019 :

“Attended and outdoor wedding ….. really a lovely setting.  Reception area was more than adequate”.


Andres Lezama, May 2019 :

“This place is incredible.  Does not look like Trinidad”.


Dhanmatie Singh, May 2019 :

“Beautiful place and friendly staff”.


Ronald Ramlal, May 2019 :

“Good for outdoor events”.


Aaron Beharry, June 2019 :

“An amazing family day well spent at this absolutely beautiful place”.


Sharlana Beharry, June 2019 :

“Really nice place for family reunions, weddings, sports days, etc”.