• Reservations can only be made with a 50% non-refundable deposit.


  • Payments can be made directly into Brian Stollmeyer’s account at Republic Bank Limited, after which the slip can be photographed and sent by WhatsApp to 680-4757 or scanned and emailed to


  • Arrangements can be made to collect cheques or cash by calling 680-4757, or payments can be made to L.P. #102, La Cuesa Road, Freeport.


  • Reservations for groups of more than 30 persons and for any number of persons on weekdays can be made as far in advance as groups may like, but reservations for less than 31 persons on weekends and holidays can only be made within 3 weeks of the date desired.


  • Groups of more than 30 persons will have exclusive use of the premises, but smaller groups may have to share the facilities with others.


  • An official receipt will be issued upon receipt of payments.