Outings and Events


8.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Get-togethers on weekends and public holidays are the most popular pastimes undertaken at Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace. The venue provides the intimacy and privacy required for special occasions that are enhanced by the safe, peaceful atmosphere of the Park’s surroundings which afford groups the opportunity to experience an ambience that is not found anywhere else in Trinidad.  Horse rides and tractor-trailer rides are available during the day and sports equipment necessary to play cricket, badminton, small-goal football, touch rugby and volleyball are provided.



Visitors can also enjoy relaxing in one of the hammocks or on the swings in the Cashew Grove. More adventurous folks can grab a bicycle from the rack and explore the fifty-acre Nature Park.  Groups can use the gas cooker in the Terrace’s Kitchen, the BBQ pits or the fire crackers in the Cooking Shed, or simply bring their pre-cooked food with them.  Members of our staff are on hand in the background at all times to assist our visitors and there is lots of room on the lawns and the sand arena to play party games. All of these fun activities in a beautiful, comfortable, private location, make Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace the preferred destination for group outings in Trinidad.




Photoshoots and horse rides can be arranged separately – please see the Fees page.