Fees & Rates

The following items are all included in the fees & rates below

  1. Forty acres of manicured parkland, lawns, groves and pastures.
  2. Covered 3,700 sq. Ft. Terrace with internal and external lighting and large fans.
  3. Modern ladies and gents restrooms continuously stocked with hand towels, toilet paper and soaps.
  4. Bride’s private powder room.
  5. Plastic chairs, tables and tablecloths.
  6. Fully-functional kitchen with double sink, fridge, freezer, cooker oven, and lots of shelf space.
  7. Secure bar/store room with sink and lots of shelf space.
  8. Three 10 ft. Moveable cupboard counters.
  9. Two staff bathrooms and two staff changing rooms.
  10. Three attendants on site at all times to assist with car parking, cleaning, etc.
  11. A white horse-drawn wedding carriage with a footman in formal attire (for two hours).

number of persons                                       6.00 a.m. until whenever

1 – 50 ,                                                                    TT$10,000.00
51 – 100                                                                  TT$13,000.00
101 – 150                                                                TT$15,500.00
151 – 200                                                                TT$17,000.00
201 – 250                                                                TT$18,000.00
251 – 300                                                                TT$18,500.00
301 – 350                                                                TT$19,000.00
351+                                                                       TT$19,000.00 plus TT$10.00 per person above 350

Extra days : should additional days be required for preparation, decorating, breakdown or removal, the rental fee is tt$3,000.00 per day.

Special offer a 10% discount is applicable on the rental fees stated above for weekdays that are not holidays nor carnival days.

Reservations : only one wedding will be permitted at the park on any one day and reservations can only be made upon payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Tables & chairs : TT$10.00 per person will be deducted from the cost (up to a maximum of TT$1,500.00) should our plastic chairs and tables not be required”.

For further  details, log on to www.sandvhilinatureoark corn and then call brian at 680-4757

C/o p.o. box 3057, st. James, trinidad, west indies