• Are the premises safe?

Yes. We have never had an unpleasant incident at the Park and the exit is such that it would be very difficult for a criminal to escape without being seen and stopped.


  • Is alcohol allowed on the premises?



  • Can we bring our own food?

Yes. We have cooking facilities (a cooker with 4 burners & an oven, 3 BBQ pits with coals and 2 large pots with fire crackers and gas cylinders) so you can cook on site or bring food which has already been prepared.


  • Will our DJ need to bring his own generator?



  • Can we bring dogs on our outing?

Yes, but please ensure that all dogs have collars and a leash should he/she needs to be restrained. Please also obtain permission from the other members of your group before you bring dogs with you as they may object.


  • Can we bring a Bouncy Castle?

Yes, but remember that it will need its own generator.


  • How flexible are the times given on the Fees/Rates page?

We try to be reasonable, so please just ask if you want to begin an hour or two earlier or end later than the scheduled time. Unfortunately we cannot be flexible with the times allocated for photo shoots on the day.


  • How many chairs & tables do you provide?

We allocate one table for every 5 persons in a group and 11 chairs for every 10 persons, so a group of between 16 and 30 persons will get 6 tables and 33 chairs and a group of between 50 and 100 persons will have 20 tables and 110 chairs.


  • Do you provide toilet paper, soap and paper towels?

Yes. Our staff replenishes these in the bathrooms and kitchen continuously, as required.


  • What are the safety regulations?

The only regulations that we insist upon are that helmets (which are provided) be worn when riding the horses and that an adult be INSIDE the pool if there is a child who is less than 4’ 6” tall in there.


  • Is there a weight limit on the horses?

Yes. Unfortunately, persons who weigh more than 160 lbs are not allowed to ride the horses.


  • What cooking and eating utensils do you provide?

None! Please bring your own pots and pans, plates, cups, knives and forks, etc!


  • Can anyone just turn up at the entrance and get into the Park?

No. Entrance to the premises is by appointment only. Please call 680-4757 or email brian.stollmeyer@gmail.com to make arrangements for either a site visit or a group booking.


  • What about a family of 4 to 6 persons – is the cost the same as for 15 persons?