Directions to Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace


FROM THE SOUTH, exit the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway at the Freeport turnoff (which is sign-posted and about half-way between the Grand Bazaar and the San Fernando turnoff), drive down the sliproad, turn right at the junction, drive under the bridge and turn first right onto Mission Road.

FROM THE NORTH, exit the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway at the Freeport turnoff, drive down the sliproad and go straight across onto Mission Road.


Drive along Mission Road for 4 to 5 minutes (approximately 2.4 km) – you will pass the Caroni Central MP’s Constituency Office and then Ogeer Trading with a big “Sissons Paints” sign on your left – until you get to a big house with a green roof on your left.  Turn left immediately after that house onto Freeport Todds Road.  There is a sign that says “Lakshmi Narayan Temple” on the corner.  Drive along Freeport Todds Road – passing over a small bridge and a bright orange/red building on your left – for 2 to 3 minutes (approximately 0.7 km) until you get to a yellow house on your left.  Turn left immediately thereafter onto Arena Cemetery Street.  It is not sign-posted, but there is an old vehicle bonnet with “Frankie’s Auto Import” painted on it at the corner, that you cannot miss.  Drive along Arena Cemetery Street for a couple of minutes (approximately 1 km), go PAST Valley View Road and Sandy Lane on your left and up along a straight stretch with some large houses on your left until you get to a house with a cream coloured wall and a big mango tree on your right.  Turn left onto a dirt road opposite the mango tree and drive down for about 300 yards to the bottom of the open field on your right where there is a green fence.  Turn right and drive along the fence below the field towards the trees.  Follow the road straight between the trees and then turn left into the cashew field (which is the central meeting area) and park as directed.


Click here to download printable map – Directions to Sandy Hill Nature Park