Located only ten minutes east of the Uriah Butler Highway’s Freeport turnoff in Central Trinidad, Sandy Hill Nature Park & Terrace has evolved on lands which were mostly owned by the McGregor family before being purchased by Brian & Patrice Stollmeyer around the turn of the century.  Without disturbing the majestic row of mango trees along its western border nor the several clumps of bamboo dotted around the property, the Stollmeyers planted mainly Columbian Cedar, Caribbean Pine, Poui and Mahogany seedlings around the large shady grove of Cashew trees which existed on the property prior to their arrival.  Enough open space was left to allow for the introduction of a sand arena and extensive lawns north of the Cashew Grove and the newly-constructed Terrace.  Finally, a Stud Farm on 6 acres of adjoining land was purchased in 2006, thus enabling the addition of horse-riding to the mix of attractions that are available at the Park today.